As The Ocean

As The Ocean

Written on 11/15/2019
Rev Wildfire

Hello Blissfuls! 💕

Today is Financial Favour Friday, and here’s a vision the Holy Spirit gave me for myself and His Blissfuls:

You are vast and stretch beyond the horizon; beyond what the eyes can see. You are unlimited, limitless and inexhaustible.

The heavens, the earth and all of creation take from you. Yet, the more you give out, the more you increase. The more that escape from you, the more that return to you. The more that’s taken from you, the more you multiply, increase and expand.

You are as the ocean. You will never run dry. And you will never be exhausted.

As The Ocean

This word is a vision I saw for myself and the Blissfuls. The key is your inner eye; deep within your soul. If you can see yourself as the ocean, if you can think as the ocean, then you will be as the ocean, you will give as the ocean and you will prosper exceedingly and mysteriously as the ocean.

Today, I pray the Holy Spirit to help you see that you are as the ocean, to bring you into this reality. And as you give your Financial Favour Friday offering today to Him, may He Grace you to give as the ocean. In Jesus name.

This vision will certainly come to pass in the lives of certain Blissfuls. The whole world will see it and marvel; and will be blessed.

Today is Financial Favour Friday

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